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    i have to disagree about GSP v Hardy. GSPs athleticism is almost un matched, as well as being an extremely well rounded fighter. Hardy is no amature, but I'm not sure he'll be able to last more than 2 rounds against GSP.

    Mir v Carwin will be another easy win for Mir. Carwin has really strong wrestling skills, but Mir is a real BJJ technician, and with his new physical conditioning, I dont think he'll lose.

    Couture v Coleman, may present some suprises, but may also be a like watching 2 old men go at it. It seems the older they get, the more it starts to look like a boxing match.

    UFC 110 is the first time in Sydney, so nearly every bout on that card is a crowd pleaser. Should be very entertaining.

    • carwin is 11-0 w/ 6 TKOs & 5 Submissions. This will be the fight where people realize hes the real deal.baseline_shift

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