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    Cake story - at my last job there were a bunch of us that liked to go and drink and party after work, guys and girls and we'd always end up at a strip club. For my birthday one year one of the guys made a card of a girl with a bikini top and everyone put dollars into the card and my birthday cake had a picture of a pornstar with the biggest tits with huge stars over the nipples (only way the place would make the cake).
    Needless to say when we were all in an office having a "private" birthday candle lighting ceremony all the VP's came in along with the team of conservative Indian developers as I'm blowing out the tit candles holding a titty birthday card with handcuffs, a whip, and a ball gag on the table as
    "party" gifts from the gang. I miss that job!

    • looks like a cup from the '2 girls 1 cup' fame there.airey
    • yeah, that's not "my" cake - that's just something I foundjerseyred
    • hahahah, that so wrongpillhead

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