Help! stuck in Madrid!

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  • jfletcher0

    ok, looks like we found a bus service, a woman with a map to the subway to get to the bus. Waiting to try and book tickets on the bus for tomorrow.... hopefully they are still available.

    The first rental car place we asked was 1000 euros.... some luxery car I guess. Plus apparently renting cars in Europe isn't like the US. You can't just return it anywhere... adding to the pain.

    • how about hertz? can't you drop those off anywhere?lukus_W
    • My parents used Hertz in France... dropped it off in another city.ismith
    • really? they weren't opn when we arrived :( already booked the bus. Guess it will be cheaper though in the end.jfletcher
    • Yeah... another city - but you're trying to get to another COUNTRY. Not gonna work..beav
    • you can't do that here either- get charged huge fees for not bringing it back to the same place you got itdoesnotexist

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