Another Flash exploit, fix 2 weeks away

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  • ernexbcn0

    "This vulnerability (CVE-2010-2884) could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system"

    You just need to go the wrong website and they can do whatever the fuck they want with your PC, and it's being actively exploited right now (for Windows at least).

    • oooh just that,
      I thought it was something serious
    • we all know that you don't have anything worth stealing in your PC, but thanks for reminding usernexbcn
    • ahhaha ernexbcn,
      you know for how many years I've heard these stories, if I got a penny everytime someone cried PATCH, I'll be rich as John Cameron
    • PATCH, I'll be rich as John CamerongeorgesIII
    • some people do get fucked by these things, specially on Windows just by visiting a websiteernexbcn
    • and removing some of the malware is a bitch, sometimes you need a complete reinstallernexbcn
    • and some install keyloggers so they can go to your mailboxes, get credit card info, etcernexbcn
    • I don't want to start a big debate here, but those are the same people who respond to spam, they kinda deserve it,georgesIII
    • if your computer is setup carefully and you have installed a combo anti virus /malware detect and firewall, you should have a problem, I never had onegeorgesIII
    • problem I've been lurking in the weirdest site of the net and if someone is trying to exploit you, your antivirus should detect it right awaygeorgesIII
    • if you read the article from the ISC it says it will take a while before antivirus detect these thingsernexbcn
    • Just a Q, are you on PC or Mac ErnexbcngeorgesIII
    • Mac OS Xernexbcn
    • OK, have you ever used a Pc before, like a work machine and how many time did it get infected? I'm just inquiringgeorgesIII
    • sure, only had a virus in the early 90s, I've been using PCs since 1986ernexbcn
    • but I'm a geek and know WTFernexbcn
    • same here, you see my point is, it is not really the computer that will lead you to getting infected it is the clueless user that will be carelessgeorgesIII
    • carelless no matter what OS he runs, I had this theory that the more a OS have user the more easy it is for hackers to target it.georgesIII
    • I know, but when all it takes is simply clicking a link it's worth spreading the word outernexbcn
    • I'm pretty sure when OSx will hit 25% users share, it will be targeted as hell too, someone always find a flawgeorgesIII

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