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  • PonyBoy0


    why ya gotta be a fucking cock?

    either break your fingers so you can't post or just don't post.

    the dude's asking for help... ... not a snobby technical berating from some cock on the web... your post is useless and discouraging... ... fuck off.

    • lol, pleased someone agrees, cheers pony :)Hombre_Lobo_2
    • pretty good advice telling them to just use a hosting site or get a mate to do itPIZZA
    • BTW it's PIZZA not pizzaPIZZA
    • good advice?
      well, you didn't know the answer to my question. so maybe you should consider hosting?
    • hosting, as you clearly (to quote a tool) "don't understand the capabilities of the technologies or how the interact at a base level"Hombre_Lobo_2
    • ...they interact at a base level"

      time to stop posting perhaps?

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