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  • georgesIII0

    yeah, Atheist are a loving bunch,
    can't you just answers "atheist" and go your way,
    why do atheist always have this attitude?

    btw: atheism is fast becoming the new trendy religion,
    can't wait for their first war
    "Hey mate, Are ya a fuckn Dawkinist!!"

    • this is really why you started this thread, inniteficks
    • Agree, I'm atheist, but nowadays I just say I'm Naturalist, I don't want be part of the new trendy religion.chrisRG
    • Well its about bloody time someone stood up to these "fairytale believers" and grow upjasonabc
    • Agree as well.. but the nonsense fairly tale wont go away with rudeness, it just make it worsechrisRG
    • hahahahahahashoto_can

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