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  • jasonabc0

    too much.. thingy's going on its very distracting..
    And please kill the music

    • the music i like, its some of my fav tracks.. you can adjust the volume or shut it off at bottom.edd-e
    • yeah but its annoying for the viewer because i had to turn down my own music..jasonabc
    • i can set it so it loads the music but doesnt play until the viewer does it. thanks for the test..edd-e
    • whats the goal of the site? portfolio or just a project?jasonabc
    • just a project, i want to learn flash and stuff.. also i want to showcase my art.. so both..edd-e
    • i disabled the auto-play on the music so the viewer has to control it manually.edd-e
    • jep betterjasonabc
    • thanks for the help.edd-e
    • much better dudeset

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