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  • ian0

    Honestly, it looks dated. Quasi-futuristic from about 10 years ago.

    I don't really know what 'Level 3' means or does... it looks like its loading in stuff from the 'Robotos' section but has no interactivity except for the signatures under 'fracture' which seems a little redundant to me.

    Can't scroll through 'Featured' robots, despite there being arrows suggesting a click through to other featured robots. However I can scroll on the Data / Tracks section, however there's no imformation to scroll.

    And as others have said, the assemble takes too long, especially as you have flashes and fades for other animations which are supposed to be less interesting than the creation of the actual robots.

    • good points ,ill try to tackle em is just a temple though..ill get a new one.. make it newer..edd-e
    • im adding new work to the featured section, the signatures are the colours i use for my art.edd-e

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