Infrared dslr

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  • Hombre_Lobo0

    bizarrely you can get filters which allow more IR through to the sensor (which sounds somewhat impossible given the block is on the sensor)

    but it works, it just means longer shutter. i have a hoya r72 infrared filter.

    but check if your camera is good with infrared filters ro not, some dont work v well at all with them and other sensors work great. most nikons are good with the infrared filters.

    might save you some money other than sacrificing a camera for one purpose.

    • only works with long exposures though, right?johnny_wobble
    • the filter on the sensor lets a little IR light through, these just block everything else, right?johnny_wobble
    • yep, long exposures.jaylarson
    • indeed longer shutter, but not hugely long, in bright sunlight were talking like 1/10 or 1/5 of a sec.Hombre_Lobo

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