iPhone frozen - fixed

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  • cruddlebub0

    my 3gs is on its last legs, has bricked once, restored it on itunes, but is still playing up, freezes, slow response on the touch everynow and again... camera wont even open, and if you try too it will freeze out even if you close the camera and go back to the main screen. annoying but not so bothered as i am waiting for the iphone 5 and am on a rolling one month contract. just bugs the crap out of me

    • don't know if it was the cables or dust fucking mine up. might be worth opening and blowing out any dust bunnies.johnny_wobble
    • probably the cables though.johnny_wobble
    • @cruddlebub - i have the same phone, same problems and same contract...hans_glib
    • no actually mine is the plain 3ghans_glib

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