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  • orrinward20

    @goldie Same really. They just had to find all my backup drives too. As I do the odd bit of laptop work and buy/sell I have loads of them. They took 4 (3 of which were heavily customised with both hardware and software) and left 7 that were just not in plain sight in my at-home office.

    The one drawer they took things from is where I keep my backups that aren't in plain sight. It's my girlfriend's laptop that pisses me off the most as that had all our pictures and our 'Home Movies' on. If anything I hope they leak so we can at least get them back!

    • links or GTFO ;)whereRI
    • I'll check-out youporn/spankwire etc for you... They might rock-up there. Check-out local pawn shops this weekendgoldieboy

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