Foxconn Riots!

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    You're a typical hater, these phones are the best. Factories have problems, its not an Apple issue. Their phones are the best, you can't deny that. You try to deflect with this stuff, you dig it up and spread it around. So what if they riot? The 5 is the bomb, so what if they die, I just have to have one, have you seen the new screen? Its much longer and stuff, its so packed full of win I just can't get enough... So what if they suffer, just check out the maps... Okay that's not quite working hey! look at these apps!. Chinese people argue. They always complain, just look at the features, this shit is insane, I'm queing til friday, I can't live without. The workers are stalling? HEY SORT THOSE CUNTS OUT. I don't want to know what my iphone5 cost, I don't give a shit about 'ethics I've lost', If I don't get this handset, my status will sink, don't talk about hardship, I don't want to think about thousands of workers who fund my new phone, through hardship and fingers worked down to the bone, at the end of the day if I don't have a five we should send in the task force and flay them alive. A young girl just jumped? Can they get her replaced? Did she leave some instructions on how to keep pace? I work hard for the privilege of getting in line, to buy minor replacements each time after time, if they queue for employment then it's good for them too so get back to your stations, make good with the that glue, get that anodized casing on, don't make a scratch you'll get punished for marking just one of a batch, when you're older you'll probably get given a raise but for now work for dog shit to SERVICE THIS CRAZE, eighty thousand young souls on a minimum stamp, working shifts round the clock but I still have to camp at the store for my turn so we all sacrifice, just stop hating the brand cuz you KNOW this shits NICE. AM I RIGHT? LOOK AT THE FUCKING PLUG SOCKET MAN OMG AWESOME. APPLE KILLIN IT AGAIN. NOBODY CAN TOUCH THIS SHIT ITS THE BEST. Apple make killer product. You're just a bunch of haters. Sorry this post is so long. Killing time in a queue.

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