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    dconstrukt, I have received one response. Like I said, with a girl with a lot of common interests. And isn't fat/ugly (from what I can tell). We don't have a date till Jan when she gets back from break. Until then I've wasted a lot of time emailing back and forth 3 paragraph emails. I'm going to be upset if we meet and don't click at all. The only reason I got a response is because I am an outdoor person, so is she, and where we live there isn't anyone like that around. Mostly fake so cal girls.

    Anyway, other than that I've received 0 responses from anyone else. I've dropped my standards, dropped them even further, sent super creative messages, overly sexual messages, sent messages to single elderly lonely moms, even racial slurs to elicit any response, and have received zilch back. It's so depressing that such boring, unoriginal, uninteresting women can pretty much rule the online dating world.

    The funny/sad/ironic part is now I totally think going out in real life would be a lot easier to pull chicks.

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