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    ^well not only that but 99% of the girls I see are just straight up boring/worthless but want absolute perfection. 99% of the profiles are "hey I like to laugh, have a good time, hang out with friends, (other obvious generic shit)" followed by "please don't send me a generic message, or 'hey ur hot wanna fuck??'".

    And I sit there for a couple of minutes. look at their pictures. Read the profile again looking for some type of creative spark that will generate something witty or creative or attractive. And after 10 minutes the only thing I can remotely come up with is 'hey your hot want to fuck??' and now I know why guys send these messages because what the fuck else do we have to work with?

    • send out a funny quote from an obscure movie from your childhood, if someone gets it, chances are you'll click._niko
    • Nothing burps better than baconalbums

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