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    Wow, he did all that in a short, 13-year career as CEO! Give him a medal.

    • Meanwhile, Apple (a startup, obviously) doubled profits/revenue every year for years.monospaced
    • and in 1/3 of the timemonospaced
    • mono. not a apple fan.pango
    • I am not as much of a fan as much as I am a user who has made a living with their products for a decademonospaced
    • I don't own the newest and greatest from them, but I do respect their philosophy and designmonospaced
    • and they're the easiest to compare to a company like Microsoft... and if you look below, I'm not the only one.monospaced
    • i know. i'm just stating the obvious.pango
    • then why don't you go call randommail a fanboy too, he said the exact same thing below heremonospaced
    • my apology lol I couldn't help my self to try to get a reaction from you. hugs :( xxoo we're cool?pango
    • for the record I did not call you a fan boy. lolpango

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