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    put together a password protected version of the site so that you can get a new job. If you weren't looking for a new job, you should now. 6 years at a place that wont even let you show a smaller selection of sites you've presented? I can understand them weeding out a few. If i were you i would not accept this decision outright. But I am a notorious shit stirrer so my thoughts on this are ill advised.

    If they're fearful other agencies will look to steal you away, they should be treating you better. Happy people don't leave their jobs even if they're so proud of what they did their to show their work. I don't know how young you are but i've always felt long stints at agencies were for the older set. Young blood spreads their wings and gets many experiences in other agencies, cities, states, and if you can, countries to make leaps and bounds in their earning power. It will expand your knowledge base working with other artists and agencies with experiences working in other communities which is invaluable. This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't the only source of work you've had in 6 years (hopefully it's not and you've been moonlighting things you can show).

    If I were you i'd approach them seriously about making some compromises for the sake of your overall happiness and expression as a creative and self and personal designer selfie moment. If they don't see the value of that you should be concerned. Maybe this is a sign.

    • also many people are in the same position, show much older work from older jobs & go under the radar.shellie
    • Very good points.Complexfruit

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