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    @Complexfruit Good advice, I really don't want to get sued. I was thinking about the password protected thing, just having descriptions of things and offering a secret code to see the actual work pages. The client list is a good idea too, at least then the names are there.

    @shellie thanks for the extra push, I've been feeling the itch to seriously start looking around. They've been hiring a whole management level right above me, in the past year I've gotten 3 new people to answer to. I'm 29, I know that 6 years is crazy long for people my age to be at one place. The work has just been great, super flexible schedule, projects and I've been able to really push my own limits. but it seems like those days are coming to an end. Unfortunately it is pretty much the only work I've done in the last few years, and nothing from before is much worth showing these days (I've kind of changed directions since i've been here).

    Seems pretty strategic when they chose to give me an answer, afternoon on a friday before I go on two weeks vacation. Otherwise I would have made a point to talk with them and convince them of a few that I could use.

    This is really the latest in a series of events that has really soured my position there.

    thanks for the advice

    • Yeah I was in a similar situation in regards to getting the urge to jump ship. I was at my past job for 4 years, loved it but needed a change of scenery. Good luck man.Complexfruit
    • ...a change of scenery. Good luck man.Complexfruit

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