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    ^ To omg's point, i've seen a lot of people get offended by not siting, or making clear personal contribution, the work of their counterparts in someone's pubic portfolio. I've heard some funny (not ha ha) stories from people. It happened to me twice although long ago, that my direct boss put my winning design in his portfolio with the given impression that he was responsible for the design. He had nothing to do with anything ever. He just made terrible comps in his dark, drunk office. That's a bitch move right there. Don't pull a Shia Lebouff.

    As a person who staffs creative projects every day, a password protected portfolio is a welcome way to review work. The gateway doesn't bother me. And list at least your specific credits so so I don't have to ask. This is how everyone does it where I work (LA) where most people's portfolios are entertainment based and you're more likely to get a cease and desist from the movie studio over your employer.

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