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  • orrinward20

    ohhhhhsnap it's hard to know without an example of what you've tried to borrow.

    It could be that the thing you're copying is using a preprocessor library like Less or SASS.

    Give an example of a Pen that you've tried to copy locally and I'll give it a look for you.


    Seeing your Compass stuff - Yeah it looks like you need to install Compass (and probably Bourbon too) but I suspect you might not be running a Rails server or other framework that supports it.

    With CSS stuff. If the markup doesn't matter, just inspect the view window in Codepen and look for the script tag inside the iframe. That will have the compiled CSS for you.

    • going to put my stuff together online and post the link orrinw. it's so stupid simple but it's my first time doing this.ohhhhhsnap

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