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  • kingsteven0

    There's a local company called sonic academy that has some good paid track breakdown/walkthrough videos from house/ dance acts using logic. all quite commercial though.


    Live is amazing for constructing tracks + performing, Logic is the best all round DAW with possibly the steepest learning curve. I've been using it since v3 and still come across features i've never used before.

    I tend to use the loop library a lot, first thing I do with a clean install is to dump all the apple loops and most of the ultrabeat kits and load in my own... but whatever you want to do, there's usually a way to get it done (you can even process/generate midi with javascript ffs).

    • < this and get a midi keyboardlessfloor
    • I've been wondering about the midi keyboard. Good to know, thanks.discoduro
    • I'll probably start with the stock library until I have and idea of what I'm doing.discoduro

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