dealing w/ blind developers

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  • orrinward20

    What kind of blindness are you talking about? Producing visually different or experientially different products?

    I've found a lot of backend devs, even very good ones, will have "Pixelexia" when it comes to any frontend work. You'll send them a mock of a page with buttons with arrow icons in it, and sometimes the arrows will be added but to the left rather than right of the button.

    I find they very much see things as accurate when things are organised well in the DOM, and this is something that should really be handled by a frontend developer or the designer can tweak.

    With experiential changes, like building a feature whereby a user can create a draft article and send it to another user to review, I've found a combination of a concise technical brief and an interactive Balsamiq works well.

    When I give a technical brief I usually give a user role ability document (user stories I uually write as SPEC/Cucumber) and a view-by-view functionality document, e.g

    Scenario: Author writes and article and submits it
    As an Author
    When I login to the platform
    And I click "Start a draft"
    And I should see a Textarea with a class ".draft-article"
    And I fill it with "Foo"
    And I click "Submit"
    Then I should be on the "Thank You" page


    Article create view:
    - Accessible by authors only
    - Allows a user to write an article using WYSIWYG
    - Allows a user to save an article as draft
    - Allows a user to submit an article for approval
    - Returns a validation error if the submitted article is less than 100 words
    - Allows a user to visit to their articles catalogue

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