dealing w/ blind developers

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    Great points but all, BUT...

    1. I do know HTML/css but the project is iOS so I'm pretty unfamiliar how everything is styled exactly (working on it now, funny how I still have no idea after a lot of research)

    2. I give highly detailed documentation of each screen- all the typography, sizes, spacing, margins, etc are all there. It's a 100+ page document. I also give hi fi prototypes of a lot of the transitions between screens and interactions with certain elements (this is the biggest joke to them).

    3. I'm stuck with these devs. I've been asking for more of a "front end iOS developer" or more of an interactive dev with not much luck.

    When I was at an agency I never had a problem with this as there was always a front end dev, I knew CSS pretty well, and best of all: design shops have to build it the way it was designed. I'm no longer at an agency, I'm working client side for a large enterprise product and I'm literally the first visual designer in the company (although there are a few very good UX'ers in the company). So I'm in a pickle

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