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    - Create Title
    - Create Keywords
    - Create Description

    - Avoid Duplicated Content at all cost: Do not put your "SEO Text" under every page, rediret to, don't let it run parallel.
    - H1 Heading should come and only one on a page
    - Make correct use of HTML-Tags (use a paragraph (p) for text, don't just put it in a div, hierarchal use of headings)
    - Use enough Text (repeating your keywords in a useful way, a lot of articles here for your text guys to read)
    - Use Alt-Tags for every image
    - Don't hide content behind javascripts

    There is so much detail in every point i've mentioned but these are the most important things to check imho. Have in mind that google rewards content created for human beings, not for what we think of google robots. Do not believe the 2000's rules of "minumum 200-250 words @ 2-5%key word rate", do your thing as best as you can and create valuable content for your human users.

    • < that's a good basic listdbloc
    • title tags on all images are good practice as well/dbloc
    • yupmoldero

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