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  • fyoucher10

    - Big ass cheesy ad up top (no pun considering I create these). At least put nice ones up there.
    - A mass of text that's hard to read. Literally a mass of text.
    - 2/3rds of the pics on the page are banners.
    - No way to go to a specific category (as far as I can tell)
    - Search: It's basically hidden
    (Unless it's appearing differently for me. OS X Yosemite / Safari)

    Huffington Post:
    - Has a nav, really, a big deal when I want to get to stuff fast.
    - Pics and a bold headline: Easy when I'm quickly scanning for content I want to read.
    - It's the opposite of Fox News.
    - Search: Easy to find, can't miss it

    • Drudge looks like the CSS isn't loadingbenfal99
    • Benfal I think that all the time. Drudge even has an app, and it looks exactly the same.mg33
    • Maybe thats why, I'd be surprised if thats how it should befyoucher1
    • That's how it is. It's been that way since at least 1999.mg33

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