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    Our team just adopted and trained on SketchUp as the majority of what we do is create and design environments. Working with our vendors, sharing and building models, we have a repository of all the pieces they can rent us to quickly create accurate scenes for clients. It's incredibly easy to use, and with a decent rendering plug-in, outputs some really nice scenes. This makes using Photoshop seem archaic sometimes.

    • We also use Fusion 360 to build more detailed pieces, and we can import them into SketchUp.monospaced
    • are you able to share examples? I've been playing with Blender but not totally sold yetGnash
    • I haven't done much in Fusion, but it is pretty fucking rad, and extremely capable from what I can tell.monospaced
    • It's a million times easier than Blender, btw.monospaced
    • Sketchup and Blender/Fusion are for totally different things. Sketchup is for architectural size models. The others are for smaller.monospaced
    • Ya, I get that they have different uses (blender/fusion vs Sketchup). But i mentally lump the 3d stuff together (2d guy here)Gnash
    • -- im using blender mainly because it's open source and I can play for free.Gnash

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