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  • yurimon-18

    The downvote is part of rapeculture. now i know. i am a survivor.

    • It's funny because it's rape.ORAZAL
    • Joking about rape. Downvotedukit2
    • hey ukit, orazal is joking, not funny. take it back...yurimon
    • You do realise you're moaning about being downvoted will spur qbn culture to downvote every post you ever make from now on, don't you?set
    • your*set
    • and that, my friend, is comedy.set
    • ah its ok. i'm leaving eventually. giving back the account to the bloke who gave me it. kinda an experiment.
      upvote me bro...
    • plus its downvote thread technically i win. heheyurimon
    • I have to except that im different then most people no not necessarily a bad thing.yurimon
    • We're probably more similar than you think. You can't force anything on anybody mate. People need to discover stuff for themselvesset
    • Be in the world but not of it. Stalk this reality. Touch it lightly, don't take it too seriously. You can't change shit, bit shit is changing, just go with it sunbeam.set
    • Please don't leave :)set
    • (You cunt)set
    • lol, im stuck. i reached another fence in accomplishing what im tryin to do. hard trying to do something bigger then yourself... really is.yurimon
    • you can leavemonospaced

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