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  • georgesIII-1

    Feminist will ask for pedophilia to be accepted as normal behaviours not a degeneracy,

    I wish I was joking...

    • Christ Georges. What???set
    • You mean an infinitesimally small percentage of feminists, a very select few retards, might possibly suggest that.set
    • You really need to watch your over generalisations. They're as bad as the people you're talking about.set
    • for the love of god set calm down, this subject a joke almost 10years ago, now it's actually happening, http://www.phillymag…georgesIII
    • btw brah, have you read the subject of this thread ;)georgesIII
    • I'm perfectly calm and everything I said still stands. What's your point?set
    • you are not going to get downvoted so just let it go lolyurimon
    • downvote thread = post something controversial and let democracy run it's course. If you want to argue then you already lost megeorgesIII
    • Yep, your warped viewpoint is unwavering. I understand that already.set
    • We won't let you have your Downvote!pango
    • we love pedos, upvoted!moldero

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