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    I am curious how this will impact things, overall. It's pretty ridiculous to think that all sites need to be completely optimized for mobile. I know my clients don't view via mobile.

    If they really are skewing it dramatically to mobile, here's one more step to dumbing down the web. Woohoo.

    (that article really didn't say anything new or details, that I saw)

    • My understanding is that the algorithm will only affect search results on mobile devices. It will push the most relevant result that's mobile ready to the top.moniker
    • it's a kind of fascism isn't it? if you can't be bothered to have a mobile site - well then we won't recommend you. cuntshans_glib
    • So, those folk that are suggesting that all (mobile and non-mobile) search rankings will be effected are being economic with the truth?Morning_star
    • It benefits everyone to have a mobile version of your site, so I expect they're just not correcting peoples assumptions about it.moniker
    • its ignorant to think that people are not going to attempt to view your site on mobile. Mobile is at least 50% traffic on popular sites.sherm
    • However, if you've never cared about google rankings... carry on as usual.sherm

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