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    Obviously new clients need to see the site, that's why I bothered posting a question.

    It would make sense if it is only pushing results that are actually searched on a mobile device. It sure would be nice if there was some actual real info on it, that's a pretty big question mark and a sizable investment for many. It's not just "click that button and it magically becomes beautiful on a mobile device".

    Yes, am a confident clients, and prospective clients, aren't making decisions on a phone. I'd be surprised if there are many creative companies that land jobs solely based on viewing on a phone. Mobile compatible is a huge difference from mobile optimized (imho).

    • Sure, but a lot of clients want to hire people/firms that design and develop for mobile.
      First red flag is if their site isn't mobile ready.
    • But as you say, they're likely not looking you up on their phones.moniker
    • I guess it depends on the device, some sites, like mine, competitors, work on mobile, but they aren't responsiveformed

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