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  • detritus0

    ughft. Google 'very kindly' warned me about this a couple of months ago and obviously I've done fuck all to address the situation.

    My laser site's failing the test badly, so I'm going to try and remake it quickly tonight (it's a fairly standard 4 column layout anyway).

    I'm going to try and do it in PureCSS as I've a wee bit of experience in it — but before I plough on, would any of you have any decent suggestions for Bootstrap/etc layout generators, which I can quickly use, then strip, as a basis?

    • Captain obvious here but this is a good starting point: http://getbootstrap.…. Just edit one of these if it needs to be simple.sausages
    • Mm, thanks, but I mean there were actual layout generators that output Bootstrap (etc) code. No worries, I'm just going with PureCSS anyway. Thanks!detritus

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