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    Depends on the angle. The ringflash will make the hair perfectly even. In the example photo, her face is lit perfectly (where you want your eye to go), so a ringflash would make her hair way too bright.
    Maybe shoot a few with a hair light and a few w/o?

    Checkout this group: www.facebook.com/groups/40016661…...

    The skills there are beyond mine (I think I am "good", been using PS for 18 years, shooting for about 5 now, but these are real pros). You'll get a TON of detailed info there for editing, colors, etc. (it's all editing, no photography).

    • Link isn't working: https://www.facebook…formed
    • Yes I think I will do it just I do it with automotive stuff; multiple shots, then compose it togehter. Soft/smooth skin and sharp hair.. thank you!mekk

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