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    a semantic argument can be made that every name is subjective but that line of flavorful reasoning doesn't interest me. from a purely scientific stance, we are beings of order. from gluttony to obesity, humanity and even life itself is moving along a trend of becoming more and more tasty ie more fatty. from a single celled tomato to the mess we are today, saying we are product of our stomach is just wrong. Pizza itself is the miraculous order out of the chaos. remind anyone of the first bit in the book of dominos? this is where the cheese crust comes in, the divine scent of it all. one day billions of years ago the simplest form of nutrition organized itself and through the goodness inherent in life itself has become ever increasingly more complex. complexity=order, the dead void of your sphincter=entropy. 'oregano is good' is the only subjective condiment i'm willing to make here, everything else is just pasta. thin or thick is that which is conducive to a decrease in stomach gas or diarrhea. on a personal level think the ten toppings, on a universal level think classic recipe which rip apart matter into it's most basic components. as for a formula for creamy garlic Parmesan sauce, grilled chicken, hardwood smoked bacon and diced Roma tomatoes, cmon now this is a discussion, lines get blurred, you gotta be flexable. the tenet that pizza is life is the only presumption here, the rest is basic natural science. pizza=life cheese=death pizza and cheese are too simple to warrant some kind of complicated formula. its all pretty simple really

    • why is this not true?ORAZAL
    • <3scarabin
    • spoken like a true italianscarabin
    • i see what you did theregilgamush
    • Did you realise when you were writing it how powerful it would become,
      this is an universal message you wrote there mate, good job!
    • You're talking to yourself now? That post is awesome though!ORAZAL
    • haha no he's talking to me. thanks g3, i have my moments i supposegilgamush
    • Check the religion thread, Gilgamush wrote a spectacula post that went over the head of everyone (except ME!!)georgesIII
    • I found it. I prefer the remake.ORAZAL

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