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  • yuekit1

    The paradox is that technology and capitalism keep driving towards greater and greater efficiency. But once too many people are out of work, the same economic system starts running into problems because you need reliable consumers and a stable society.

    Maybe in the long run it leads to a different system where our basic needs are met and machines do all the work. But more likely in the short term a Darwinian situation where the adaptable survive and the rest go hungry.

    • not really,
      you just have to reduce population to let's say 500 millions then you can control them as you want, not need for an economic system, when machines
    • Poverty will be finally be eradicated. Capitalism wins.ORAZAL
    • are there to control, measure, evaluate your every movegeorgesIII
    • You still need consumers to buy stuff, otherwise what's the point of having robots in the first place?yuekit
    • g3, that's the docile part I mentioned.
      The "mentally capable" part is about a society free of "work for living". ie free of greed, so on. We probably will neve
    • r get there. At least not in our lifetime, or our childrens lifetime. But one can dream of Star Trek and their way of life.Peter
    • Mm, it's the consumer angle that seems missing in most people's dystopian extrapolations of our jobless future...detritus
    • but detritus, muh robot ovahlawdz!! :(georgesIII
    • Maybe it comes to a point where people only work 2 hours a day. I have no idea. Don't listen to me.iCanHazQBN

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