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    If you did good work for a big brand you can show it in the portfolio. If you did shit work and are embarrassed you show the logo in hopes some prospective client will see the big brand and associate that brands greatness with you. There is always the production people or some third party company who takes all direction and assets and does the production leg work and than tries to show off the final piece like it was all theirs too. So really just about what truths you can bend and live with to sell yourself, or if you care about the types of clients you might get that fall for such things.

    Personally I'd just show your parts and explain without fluff what you did and was you. If you do a logo list you should also start addressing everything as "we" change domain name to business name and rent a co-op office space or mailbox in a big city, call yourself an broad agency name and post both "office" locations too.

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