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  • detritus0

    Nonsense! It should be the exact opposite, with only people UNDER 5'2" being allowed to reproduce.

    If we can reduce humanity's stature, we can can fit more people in for the same mass, making better use of the resources we still have.

    • iron hard logicdrgs
    • this is so stupid, they are already more short people in the world, my plan will lead to better humans, can you really compage dutchs to britsGeorgesIV
    • Given we're shorter than those mountainous Dutchies we're already ahead on the evolutionary curve.. as seen in this context, anyway.detritus
    • To let them remain, I suppose we could lob off their limbs below the knee. put them on wheels, seeing as they like cycling so much.detritus
    • Taller isn't better. More complications with lungs & heart.microkorg

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