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  • monoboy1

    In evolutionary terms, increased height in humans is attributed to diet in childhood and access to diary produce in particular.

    As global warming starts to impact on the worlds ability to feed itself, high resource intensive farming like diary would decline.

    Thus reversing this evolutionary trend back to shorter humans.

    So why waste important resource and time, start culling everyone over 5' 10" is the right thing to do.

    The smug fuckers.

    • Plus, shorter folk fight like lions.monoboy
    • Cmoooon, everyone knows "glocal warming" is just a lie invented by the NWO/Jews/reptilians. I read it on 4chan and we know they are never wrong.yuekit
    • global warming will not impact if you freaking shorties just stopped reproducing, didn't you read a single word of what I wrote??GeorgesIV

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