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  • set3

    Height, inherited wealth, beauty.... Always humorous when dolts take personal pride in something that they possess through no personal effort or accomplishment whatsoever.

    • Let's kill off the unsubstantially smugset
    • stop upvoting yourselfGeorgesIV
    • keep telling yourself thatset
    • Taking this all a little seriously, set?detritus
    • Yep, finding something humorous
      = super cereal
    • the fuck are you on about?set
    • set always take everything literally, he rarely get the jokesGeorgesIV
    • Comedy geniusset
    • once again, no one is forcing you to participate, you literally always proving how low is your self controlGeorgesIV
    • lol, at what point did I say I didn't want to participate? A participate exactly the amount I wish to, due to unwaveringly impeccable self control.set
    • I've got a better idea, let's steralize the short poor and ugly insteadgilgamush

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