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    ^ Yup, thats the first part. The second part is renaming the files from "Unnamed-1" etc to a unique name..

    Is there a way to give pages a name instead of pagination?

    • Type > Text VariablesMorning_star
    • Nope, I need it the other way. This types the document name on the page. But I need a page-text to the document name!mekk
    • so you want magic where the file name is pulled from a title in a page of a pdf... c'mon, they have to be typed or pastedmonospaced
    • exactly. the thing is, we have a few hundred pages for each product category. Renaming by hand would take ages and result in errors.mekk
    • it would not take ages, trust me, you'll easily spend more time looking for an automated solution that would probably also result in errorsmonospaced
    • Yes but I want to build a solid workflow for the future, we have a lot of such projects.mekk
    • Interns make that workflow so much easier ;)monospaced
    • What about Exporting Jpegs from InDesign then batch processing a name changein Potatoshop/Bridge?Morning_star
    • ...Then making individual PDFs from the Jpegs obv.Morning_star
    • because he'd still have to manually enter each of hte hundreds of namesmonospaced
    • Oh, they're unique and not sequenced. He's fucked.Morning_star
    • Precisely.monospaced

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