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  • drgs3

    I do not understand why anyone needs to have it explained: the less chemicals you put into the soil (GM foods allow you to do exactly that), the better for the environment and for the quality of the product

    I want to eat exclusively genetically modified vegetables, the more modified the better

    • This is kind of where my thoughts were heading but the Anti-GM lobby is rabid in its insistance that it's the road to hell. Is it really all hot air. Thanks.Morning_star
    • Modified to increase a plant's own chemical defence against pests? And what if said 'natural' defences are more carcinogenic than synthetic stuff, sprayed on?detritus
    • what if, if only, if possibly maybe, supposedly if we never get past "what if" and continue using chemicals for fucking nothingdrgs
    • I'm actually quite pro-GM and Organic, etc, but it's a simple fact that 'less chemicals in soil' != 'better quality ie. [healthier] of product' necessarily.detritus
    • 'chemicals' being synthetic pesticides and herbicides, I mean, not water or fixed nitrogen...detritus

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