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  • set2

    They can grow with far less nutrients in the soil, which means far less nutrients in the product, which means far less nutrients in the body. Yet they'll sell them for the same price.

    That and they contaminate non GM crops.

    It's an incredibly dangerous road to go down, for all of us.

    • we've done it without GM as well
    • Yes I know, sad times. I read that the average vegetable has something like 25% of the nutrients it did 100 years agoset
    • yep, some fact on it - http://www.scientifi…imbecile
    • Thanksset
    • the buyers are pretty selective these days (proved by anti-gmo sentiment in itself)drgs
    • you can use GM to make beautiful and nutritious apples vs just beautiful apples: option 1 without any doubt bc of same development cost, and not same fin. riskdrgs

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