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    There's plenty to support the anti-gmo movement, it's not just some feel good hippy bs.

    And on the other side, there's little to suggest that gmo's are just fine for everyone beyond "hey, we haven't killed a population yet".

    It's all about money. It was a smart business move (Monsanto and others). Control food and create an ongoing revenue stream (patented seeds that have to be bought every year), market it as "we can grow in the desert and feed the world! We'll eliminate famine and make the world a healthy place!".

    Yeah, that's nice, let me know when they start actually doing that. Imho, that lie and the control they have over our food (and farmers) is enough to boycott gmos.

    • Sorry, but this is a fairly monodimensional view - outwith Monsanto et al, there's plenty of decent, moral and worthwhile GM research.

      eg. http://c4rice.irri.o…
    • the whole GM thing is a bit overwrought - eg. we've only very recently come up with accurate 'narrowcast' gene swaps in the form of CRISPR. ...detritus
    • ... Everything in the decades prior was quite broadbrush and hit and miss and therefore inaccurate.detritus
    • https://en.wikipedia…detritus
    • Sure, like I said, once the gmo's start saving the world and not making [Monsanto] more money, I'll listen. Oh, and we get labels.formed

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