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    It's interesting that you take that tack Formed. I have literally just read that the Gates Foundation is trying to promote the use of GM Bananas in certain third world countries that are modified to carry Vitamin A. This would save thousands of children every year from going blind.
    The anti GM lobby has been spreading disinformation amongst the people most effected by Vit A deficiencies claiming that the GM Bananas will make you sterile or gay or worse.
    The impact from the health benefits of the GM Vit A Bananas is undeniable. What i don't get is the argument from the Anti GM supporters that justifies keeping kids susceptible to blindness.
    I suppose it's not as cut and dried as 'GM is either Good or Bad'.

    • Gates also owns a TON of Monsanto stock. 500,000 shares, actually. Not to mention their pressuring countries to lift their gmo bans.formed
    • Like a lot of things, the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.formed

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