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    To clarify, I do think there is a place for gmo's. The problem lies in how things are currently being done. The priority is on monopolizing the world's food supply and profiting from it (see TPP).

    It's kinda like this (perhaps a bad analogy, but I'll give it a go)....if you have AIDS or another horrific disease you would probably take some somewhat experimental drug that could save and make your life much better.

    There are places in the world that have horrible conditions, no resources, etc., that could benefit dramatically from gmo's, that's pretty clear.

    To the analogy, I don't think we should feed an experimental AIDS drug to everyone just so the company can make trillions, but the AIDS patient should have access IF THEY WANT IT.

    So many countries have banned it while the US gobbles it down. The lobbying dollars behind gmo's is staggering. Just look at the labeling battle. Why, in God's name, should we not know what our food is??

    It should give anyone pause and we all should demand more research. The "pro-facts" are only isolated and, from what I've read, largely isolated and untested.

    Just like RoundUp (Monsanto's other darling), it was "safe" forever but now is proven to be a carcinogen.

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