Panama Papers

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    A take down by Western Governments - our security agencies are leveraging the Snowden Effect with a concerted campaign in cahoots (willingly or obliviously, who can say?) with international 'democratic' media to pull the rug from under Mr Putin and chums and probably with a long-eye toward meddling with the future of money.

    They've chosen a first target that includes a few sacrifical western lambs to keep it all looking legit, but this is just the beginning in a long slog to maintain western hegemony, shit on Russia and othersuch state actors, and to shift currencies over to fully traceable, unlaunderable currency.

    • I should've invested in gold a decade ago and gone to live in the mountains. I knew it.detritus
    • I live in the mountains... Bring a bag next time, i'm short in gold nowOBBTKN
    • I only have tinfoil these days. Not even a full roll. Although I've a draw full of crumpled hats made from the stuff.detritus
    • *drawer, idiot.detritus
    • Putin will be the least effected. Dont u think Russians didn't know how rich he was? This is a blow to "democratic" statesBeeswax

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