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    • pango has had itterry_cloth
    • What the fuck are you crybabie blowing up my page for. I have several.fan club threads for this type of nut hugging.pango
    • Haha, touchéterry_cloth
    • for the record.
    • for the record
      context matters, this here is once every ten months, that shit is every other day
    • the difference between saying what up to my long distance girlfriend every ten months or so and moldy/realdtrump straight nuthugging for three days strightterry_cloth
    • also, i made that comment on my profile page yesterday, how often do you check my profile page pango, you are mad clingy, give me some space babeterry_cloth
    • More than a month at least. You posted something on my profile 20 days ago and I didn't even notice till yesterday. So you tell me.pango
    • And that prompt me to check your profile and found out you were bitching about other people posting on your profile when you are doing it to others as well.pango
    • Quit being a petty little bitch. You're playing the same game you are whining about. And that clingy thing, you're projecting.pango
    • If you didn't post on mine I wouldn't have any reason or interest to check out your profil. Bugging you on regular thread is entertaining enough for me.pango
    • my point stands, once every ten months tottaling a total of two times vs. a dozen times with alternate accounts. whatever, if it bothers you i'll stopterry_cloth
    • tottaling a total, heheterry_cloth
    • Ya fuck off. You're doing your hissy fits on me for the wrong reason. You do what you want. I'll keep call out your hypocrisy every time I see it.pango
    • Just want you to know you really have no ground to call things unfair.pango
    • oh, what's wrong sweety, you can't take your own medicine, i tried being nice to you, i even offered to stop. well, fuck you pango you ugly little shitterry_cloth
    • LOLL
      some ironies there.
    • i'll spam your profile page with offensive shit for days at a time like your buddy moldero and show you what hypocrisy really is you fucking retardterry_cloth
    • ohhh shiet Terry's mad.
      You go do whatever it is you do when your mad. Can't stop you anyway.
    • i'm not really mad, it's just frustrating trying to reason with someone who has the mind of a child. i know you don't mean any harmterry_cloth
    • Ha lol
      You have excellent reasoning skill. terry.
    • thanks, i know. you should work on yours, they are abysmalterry_cloth
    • you thought thats what it was? ok then. lolpango
    • no? are you just pretending to be stupid? if so then bravo, very convincingterry_cloth
    • right.....
      wait what? i was just dismissing you cuz i got better things to do. now it's just confusing. come again?
    • sorry i confused you babe, try not to strain yourselfterry_cloth
    • lol ya. keep playing pretend terry. that seem to be what you're good at.pango
    • That's that mind of a child shit I was talking about pango. You literally repeat back to me what I just said. It doesn't get more childish than that pangoterry_cloth
    • and what you gonna do about it? might just do it already. quit talk about empty threat. all you do is talk about what you gonna do. it gets really pathetic.pango
    • What threat? To spam your profile page the way moldero spammed mine? Yea. Thanks for reminding meterry_cloth
    • Ha. Hissy fit.pango
    • Big timeterry_cloth
    • Ya Grow up terry.pango
    • you started itterry_cloth
    • And another irony. Calling people childish yet you act like a child your self. "You started it, no you started it"pango
    • That was the joketerry_cloth
    • Well you suck at it.pango
    • Tell me moreterry_cloth
    • I don't know. How can you suck more?pango
    • fascinating, what elseterry_cloth
    • just that question for now.
      but i'll repeat it for you. How can you suck more?
    • Hmm, I see, go onterry_cloth
    • please elaborate.pango
    • you think so?terry_cloth
    • Don't you?pango

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