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    Tinder is the app of the bored and the desperate. Go outside, there are people everywhere.

    • Oh shut up and stop trying to convince yourself you're better than tinder users. You're not.set
    • ^formed
    • what am i supposed to do when i'm pooping if not tinder?sarahfailin
    • Winter in London, you never see a hot girl on a typical day. On way to work - 3rd worlders. office nope, lunch is tourists and students working at pret...shapesalad
    • ... then a pub after work full of shouting extrovert office workers, 90% males, then a rough tube ride home, a lonely walk to your crappy flat. no hot girls.shapesalad
    • Then you go on tinder and it's odd bods and sex worker ads and a few ok but totally overwhelmed with attention profiles.shapesalad
    • Summer in London, you see a few hot girls - mostly air stewardesses there for 24hours and tourists. But at least you see a few.shapesalad
    • Perhaps if London wasn't full of cult members with black cloth over their faces...shapesalad
    • Brighton has hot girls literally everywhere, all year round. And the most pubs per capita anywhere in the world. My home.set

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