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    • metallica isnt metal!mugwart
    • but they got metal in their name!pango
    • your logic us solid but they work is pansymugwart
    • They _used_ to be metal ... up until precisely this point ... this track was a B-side from one of the Justice tracks, 'Harvester of Sorrow', I think.Continuity
    • they are most certainly metalmonospaced
    • great Mercyful Fate cover on this albumIRNlun6
    • @mono: Load and Reload aren't really metal ... ugh, such shit-shows. The Black Album was more hard rock. St Anger was ... well never mind that.Continuity
    • @Continuity, they practically defined metal before that Black album in the '80s. Load and Reload were pointless, agreed, and I never bought them.monospaced
    • I also never said those albums were metal. You posted it here, btw, not me :)monospaced
    • I'm also not saying there weren't metal, or didn't define it. The first four albums were absolutely genre-defining, agreed. It's just after Justice, I questionContinuity
    • ... their metal-ness. ;)Continuity
    • everyone does ;)monospaced
    • lol pangomoldero

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