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    It sounds to me like a the client wants a clusterfuck of nonsense. I've always felt icons are only for secondary or tertiary navigation/utilities (close, log out, refesh, et cetera).

    My recommendation to you would be to try and find a still-live Geocities website from 1999 or so, one that's loaded with spinny chrome balls and skull animated GIFs, rainbow headlines, blinky text, the <marquee> tag every third line, a dark paisley repeating tile background, and self-playing Midi files ... and then simply tell Dear Client that he's asking for the 2018 version of exactly this ancient, unusable monstrosity.*

    *Bonus points if it has bevelled horizontal rules, and content set in tables without the borders turned off.

    • < Yes to the first paragraph. And the rest too :PMaaku
    • Achievement unlocked is it also features an entire row of phpBB-style dancing bananas.Continuity
    • *ifContinuity

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