ergonomic mouse?

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  • stickupkid3

    Expensive, but considering the amount of injures to my hand playing rugby, this one fitted the best for me.…

    • Also it's not the best looking mouse it the world and I don't use all the buttons either!stickupkid
    • I recently dug out my [very] old mx1000 (precursor to this) to use at home. Shit for gaming, but like a Cadillac for general micery.detritus
    • Compared to the cheap one I have ^ the buttons are still horizontal on the < logictech. It's having the buttons angled vertically that really stops the carpal.shapesalad
    • when you look at your wrist while sat at computer, you want the top of your wrist rotated and facing away from you - natural position, not horizontal facing up.shapesalad
    • if your wrist/lower arm is facing the ceiling, then you've rotated it, and are now squeezing all the tendons and nerves running thru your wrist / carpal tunnelshapesalad
    • love these, but they only last me a year, went through 2GuyFawkes

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