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  • fooler1

    Has anyone tried the new Burton Step On's? I'm getting too old and fat to bend over and strap in every run.

    • I haven't but reviews say they're "clicky" and make noise. Currently using Flow Fuse GT's rear entry bindings, still super easy >fyoucher1
    • https://www.youtube.…fyoucher1
    • I actually switched to flows a few years ago. I like them better than the straps but still hard to twist and bend over and flip the back up sometimes.fooler
    • Haha nowadays after sliding from lift, get ready to bend over to strap up the back it's a deep breathe in and hold... followed a few unnnngh unnngggh ahhhhh'sprophetone
    • I have tried them for a full day in Laax past season, they're much better than I expected and I've found it more responsive than normal bindings.chrisRG

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